Dextra Star Stable



There's this girl, Ida Dolphingirl. She has been spamming me with friend requests on server 1 for a long time now. Every day I decline & every day she keeps sending them. I asked her kindly to stop several times. But no.
On some servers I get so spammed with friend requests I simply can not accept them all & that would be so unfair to the ones I don't. My solution is not accepting any more.
I had to tell her if she keeps spamming me writh friend, group or ingame mail I WILL have to block her.
She kept spamming me with group & friend requests. I told her that she is now blocked, but before I had the time to put the block on I saw her screaming for me in the Global chat (wtf?!)
There is a bug in sso. Even if you block someone they can still group invite you. She kept spamming me with these and after 5 I had enough.
 I accepted the group invite and quickly unblocked her so she could see what I wrote, and told her I had recorded (video) & printed (pictres) the whole thing & sent in to Star Stable support, charging her for harrassment. I hope she gets banned. Creep.